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The man—Johnny Horne—did not let his passion for flying keep him from exploring many other areas of work, play and service. “I’ve been quite busy in all my years trying to learn new things and do things of interest,” he says.

Commissioner Horne would become active in his communities—especially Greensboro, N.C., and more recently Chattanooga—working as a pastor, engaging in civic leadership, running for office, and seeking ways to help others. He currently serves as senior pastor of Solid Anchor Baptist Church in Chattanooga.

Horne’s appointment to TREC followed a number of similar engagements, from serving on a children-and-youth commission to running for state representative. “I’ve done a lot of work in politics, so I pretty well know my way around,” he says.

Commissioner Horne is married to his wife, Chrystal. They are the parents of three daughters who live in Greensboro and a son in Atlanta. Meanwhile, the Hornes are busy spoiling their six grandchildren. “We enjoy every minute with them,” he says.

Commissioner Horne serves the TREC as one of two members not active in real estate. Being part of TREC “is a fantastic job, a fantastic opportunity to help the people of Tennessee,” Horne says. “In an enterprise like real estate, you will have those who need a nudge to stay in the middle of the road. I’m not a REALTOR®, and I don’t inspect contracts, but I can say when something’s just plain wrong.”

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Commissioner Johnny Horne developed as a child a lifelong love of aviation that would take him far from the cotton fields in Georgia—to the U.S. Air Force where he would learn to fly B-57 bombers. A veteran of Vietnam, he survived being shot down and wounded in combat.

His tenure in the Air Force began in 1955 and extended through Vietnam until his retirement in 1976. He would later fly as a commercial pilot, ferrying travelers for Eastern Airlines.

After retirement from the Air Force, he returned to school—Piedmont Bible College in Winston-Salem, N.C.—to earn a bachelor’s in theology with a minor in aviation. He later worked as a college aerodynamics instructor and for a missions board.