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Introduction to
Commercial Real Estate

This course provides a comprehensive blueprint for commercial real estate transactions. Topics covered include: Essential Elements of Commercial Investment Real Estate, The Financial Anatomy of a Real Estate Investment,

Establishing Market Value and Return, and Listing and Marketing the Real Estate Investment.

Popular nationwide as an elective continuing education topic, commercial real estate can be especially lucrative for both agents and investors. Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales was written by a successful real estate

expert giving students the benefit of learning from a professional with hands on experience.

The cost of Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales - TREC Continuing Education Course #3543: For the affordable cost of $29.95 you will receive your enrollment paperwork, ebook of the text and any needed instructional assistance.  You will also receive your diploma via email, and will be added to our mailing list to receive our very informative email newsletter.  Do not miss this excellent opportunity to obtain your certified TREC continuing education WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR OFFICE ! ! !

Courses may be repeated,
even if previous credit has been awarded and posted to your TREC records. A course may be repeated as long as it is not repeated during the current licensing period for affiliate brokers continuing education and brokers post-licensure education.

College Credits: The Career Institute is not recognized by any particular college but students have reported college credit awarded by some institutions based upon Career Institute transcripts. If college credit is your desire and you want to transfer the credits to your local college, please determine if our transcripts will be acceptable and transferable to the college of your choice prior to signing up for our program.

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