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I am still looking for correspondents either free lance individuals or someone to direct new releases to us from the various 21 local Realtor Associations across Tennessee. So far the going has been slow with only one volunteer in Clarksville.

I really want to do this but I can't do it alone. The legislative season is well under way and there is a lot on the table that we should be sharing and looking at as Realtors across the state.

The purpose is to help the consumers become better informed about current area housing trends and to help Realtors stay inform on TREC rules and legislative changes. As mentioned, we are turning to some of Tennessee's top real estate agents for news across the state to partner with us to bring news to Realtors and consumers.

Our goal is twofold: Bring news to consumers and professionals. And, establish our reporting partners as the "go to Realtor" in your market area

So for now, please think about it as we will reproach the concept shortly. We are interested in establishing at least one Realtor in each of the 21 Realtor Associations in Tennessee as a correspondent. We will be looking for real estate trends and statistics in your market area. While there is no pay, we in turn will establish you as a real estate news person thereby adding to your image as the “person in the know” when it comes to real estate.

If you think you may be interested drop me an email to:

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