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High Score PSI Real Estate Exam Prep  

The growing complexity of the real estate business has been accompanied by an increased emphasis on real estate education.

Evidence for this emphasis is the trend toward state requirements for both prelicense and continuing education. Accordingly, many states currently employ professional testing organizations to aid them in the development and administration of licensing examinations. One of these organizations is PSI Examination Services, Glendale, California, which has developed widely used licensing exams for real estate professionals.

The focus of this study guide is preparation for PSI's Tennessee Real Estate Affiliate Broker (salesperson) and Tennessee Broker licensing examinations. The Career Institute offers one of the few programs devoted to preparing just for the Tennessee for real estate licensing exams.

The Career Institute developed the FIRST TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE COMMISSION AUTHORIZED Tennessee correspondence course qualifying a candidate to take the Tennessee Affiliate Broker Examination and study guide geared specifically to the current format of the PSI examination. The PSI exam is distinctive and challenging. As such, it warrants the specialized focus of Guide to Passing the PSI Real Estate Exam.

This program is intended to guide prospective licensees in their preparation for the exam. It is intended to direct their effort. The study aids presented will help the student make the best use of his or her preparation time. It is hoped that this study guide will enable the prospective salesperson or broker to achieve success not only on the licensing exam but ultimately in the dynamic field of real estate.

The aim of the High Score PSI Real Estate Exam Preparation is to prepare you on as many levels as possible to pass the real estate licensing examination compiled by the PSI Examination Services. The High Score PSI Real Estate Exam Preparation addresses two primary aspects of test taking:

    1. the structure and format of the exam, and

    2. the content of the exam.

PLEASE NOTE:  While the Broker Office Management Course offers practical examples bring management topics to life which help students apply course material to their brokerage office,  it does not offer preparation to pass the PSI Examination to become license as a Broker in Tennessee. Regardless of the school of your choice, this material may be your key to passing the Tennessee PSI Broker Examination.

Cost of High Score PSI Real Estate Exam Preparation: For the affordable cost of $49.95 you will receive enrollment, ebook text, hundreds of relevant practice quizzes and any needed instructional assistance preparing the candidate to take Tennessee's Affiliate Broker Examination and/or the Tennessee Broker Examination administered by PSI. You will be added to our mailing list to receive our very informative email newsletter.  Do not miss this excellent opportunity to qualify to obtain your Tennessee Real Estate License WITHOUT  LEAVING YOUR HOME or OFFICE ! ! !

PSI Test Areas for Tennessee Brokers and Affiliate Brokers

In the national portion of the real estate licensing examination for licenses, PSI and the TREC has defined its testing priorities and outline as follows: Property Ownership, Land-Use Controls and Regulations, Valuation and Market Analysis, Financing, Laws of Agency, Mandated Disclosures, Contracts, Transfer of Property, Practice of Real Estate, Mathematics, and Specialty Areas such as property management and common interest ownership properties.

The Career Institute High Score PSI Real Estate Exam Preparation also offers several hundred practice questions for Tennessee state law, rules and TREC policy.

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