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Current Commission Members

Chairman John Griess    Represents  Knoxville,   ---    Appointment Expires  6/30/2017

Vice Chairman Austin McMullen    Nashville,   ---    Appointment Expires 6/30/2018

Commissioner Gary Blume     Represents Germantown, ---  Appointment Expires 6/30/2018

Commissioner Rick Douglass       Represents Bartlett, ---  Appointment Expires 6/30/2021

Commissioner Marcia Franks     Represents Franklin, ---  Appointment Expires 6/30/2018

Commissioner Diane Hills       Represents Kingsport, ---- ​ Appointment Expires 6/30/2019

Commissioner Johnny Horne  Represents Chattanooga, --  Appointment Expires 6/30/2020

Commissioner Fontaine Taylor  Represents Memphis, ----  Appointment Expires 6/30/2020

Commissioner Bobby Wood Jr. Represents  Mount Juliet, --- Appointment Expires 6/30/2020

The Tennessee Real Estate Commission was established in 1951 by the state’s General Assembly to regulate real estate sales in the public interest. Only nine counties, those with a population of 50,000 or more, were included in the original legislation, but the Commission’s jurisdiction was expanded by subsequent legislation until 1963 when the Tennessee Real Estate Commission acquired responsibility for real estate operations throughout Tennessee.

The Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC) currently has regulatory authority over all real estate firms, brokers and affiliate brokers, (sales agent), time share and rental location operations. The day to day operations of the TREC are handled by Executive Director Malcolm Young, who is appointed by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission.

About the TREC

Caitlin (Robbins) Maxwell, Executive Director
Tennessee Real Estate Commission

As the Commission’s responsibility grew, so did its membership; the three commissioners authorized by the legislation of 1951 were increased to five by an amendment passed in 1959. The current commission consists of nine (9) members appointed by the governor, each of whom shall be a resident of this state and shall possess good moral character.

Seven of the members shall each have been principally engaged as a licensed broker or affiliate broker in this state for at least five (5) years prior to the date of the member's appointment and shall be of recognized business standing.

The remaining two (2) members of the commission shall be a person who is not engaged in or conducting the business or acting in the capacity of a real estate broker or affiliate broker, nor shall they be engaged in the business of real estate financing or development.

Three (3) members shall be appointed from the eastern grand division, three (3) members shall be appointed from the middle grand division and three (3) members shall be appointed from the western grand division. No more than one (1) of the members appointed pursuant to subsection (c) shall reside in the same grand division. No more than three (3) of the members appointed pursuant to subsection (b) shall reside in the same grand division.

Commissioners are appointed for a term of five (5) years by the governor. No commissioner shall be appointed to succeed themselves for more than one (1) full term.

In making appointments to the commission, the governor shall strive to  ensure that at least one (1) person serving on the commission is sixty (60) years of age or older and that at least one (1) person serving on the commission is a member of a racial minority.

The governor may remove any member of the commission for misconduct, incompetency or willful neglect of duty.

Since the creation of the Commission in 1951, the primary responsibility, has been the imposition--through examinations and annual licensing a minimum of professional standards on the state’s real estate brokers and salesmen.